Meet the Coaches

Corinna Jones
Age:  42
Assistant Coach – Athens Group
I have always had a passion for Athletics and competed at County level as a teenager in Hurdles and Long Jump decades ago!  Regretfully I did not continue with athletics when I left school, partly because the opportunities were not there and partly because I was a teenager that had just left school!
I rekindled my love of running when I joined the Army for a brief period of time, but I never trained regularly and certainly didn’t compete.
After my brief dabble in Army life, I married and subsequently had 3 children, fitness was once again put on the back burner.  My epiphany moment to getting myself back in shape was when a family member had rang me to ask if I had any exciting news to share after seeing a photo on Facebook of me looking less than svelte .  That gave me the kick to start getting in shape again and following my success in shedding unwanted pounds, I decided to make a career out of helping others too and trained to be a fitness instructor first and then a couple of years down the line made the jump to personal trainer.
Upon moving to Wales just over 18 months ago I came across Aberdare Valley AAC as I was looking for my youngest daughter to continue running as she had started running with a club previously before our move.  We were made to feel welcome immediately, although at the time there were only a handful of children running.
The club has grown phenomenally since then and more recently I started competing with the club myself after coming back from a couple of keyhole surgeries on my knees.
The opportunity arose for me to do the Coaching Assistant course last Summer and as a parent with my daughter running at the club, as well as having a passion for athletics myself, I jumped at the chance to get qualified.  I love helping out with coaching and absolutely love seeing the children’s passion and progress.  The children never cease to amaze me with their dedication and commitment, even in some very appalling weather at times (a lot of times!).
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